Pressure Relief to Help You Sleep Through the Night

Pressure Point Pain Can Prevent Your Best Sleep

Pressure point pain is the aching or discomfort you may feel in your hips or shoulders when they press against the surface of your bed. It can be especially painful if you sleep on your side.

Pressure point pain keeps many people up at night. Even people who do sleep typically wake up feeling sore in the morning. The pain can be especially aggravating for people who have a history of bursitis, sciatica, or fibromyalgia.

Anyone who sleeps on a bed that is too firm or constructed with uncomfortable springs can experience pressure point pain.

Is Your Mattress to Blame for Pressure Point Pain?

Many mattresses are not designed to adequately contour to your body and distribute your weight evenly; instead they can push too firmly against your joints and leave you susceptible to pain.

Mattresses made with springs can contribute to the problem of pressure point pain. Some spring mattresses lack adequate comfort and cushion for your joints, causing your hips and shoulders to absorb too much stress.

A mattress that provides relief to your pressure points may help you get better rest. A surface that is resilient enough to support your spine, yet gentle enough to cradle your tender pressure points, could be what your body needs at night.

NECTAR Mattress Provides Pressure Relief — and Promotes Better Sleep

The NECTAR mattress is a multilayered memory foam mattress that gives the back the balance it needs.

  • NECTAR utilizes gel memory foam, so it contours to your body and distributes your weight evenly, relieving pressure and offering ultimate comfort.
  • NECTAR provides crucial rebound and bounce, keeping your spine aligned and supported without too much sink.
  • NECTAR offers more comfort than traditional spring mattresses and more support than typical memory foam. It’s the perfect balance for anyone who wants true pressure relief and a good night’s sleep.

NECTAR is a No-Risk Investment

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