The Education Centers on Spine-health are specially developed health centers that focus in on a particular spine condition, symptom, diagnostic tool and/or treatment. They represent unique information brought to Spine-health's audience, provided by an outside partner or sponsoring company. These Centers may include specific information about new products and services relevant to patients and/or physicians.

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Could My Lower Back Pain Be Caused By Sacroiliac Joint Disorders? (For Patients)

Brought to you by: SI-BONE

Patients Home

Low back pain may stem from the sacroiliac (SI) Joint and this source of pain is often overlooked. See if your low back pain stems from the sacroiliac (SI) Joint, and if a minimally invasive surgical option called iFuse for SI joint fusion is right for you.

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Do You See Patients With Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain? (For Physicians)

Brought to you by: SI-BONE

Physicians Home

Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain can cause many problems, including pain from the low back down through the lower buttocks and upper legs, and debilitation which affect patients' ability to work and/or perform activities of daily living.

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Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) for Chronic Back Pain (For Patients)

Brought to you by: Boston Scientific

Do you need a better way to manage your Chronic Back Pain? With Boston Scientific Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) Systems, there may be a better way. Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) uses electrical signals to…

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Is the Titan Spine Endoskeleton Technology Right for Your Fusion Surgery? (For Patients)

Brought to you by: Titan

Titan Device

Titan Spine implants feature the company’s patented surface technology, which creates a unique texture pattern on the device surface. This helps to secure the device in place, giving it better initial grip and implant stability. This increased grip also means the Titan implants are less likely to move out of place over time, which can happen with other implants.

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Coflex Device

Finally — relief from back and leg pain caused by spinal stenosis! (For Patients)

Brought to you by: coflex®

coflex is a small titanium device that gets inserted between your spinous processes following a decompression procedure. You should experience relief from the pain that causes your spinal stenosis, but instead of having a permanent fusion of your bones, you are able to maintain flexibility and range of motion while enjoying the improvements in pain and function that the device provides. .

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Saatva Better Spinal Alignment. Better Sleep. (For Patients)

Brought to you by: Saatva

Saatva mattresses are carefully engineered using unique spine and back support technologies that work together to provide optimal support.

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