Featured Member: Dr. Steven Shoshany, Chiropractor, NYC Chiropractor and Spinal Decompression – New York, New York

Interviewer: What is the patient experience like in your practice?

Dr. Steven Shoshany: From the minute a patient walks in to our office, they are greeted and made to feel comfortable. We also respect a patient's time; NYC is a busy place and patients have other places to be so we are keenly aware of scheduling and patients hardly wait to be seen. Our practice is in a SoHo loft so it is spacious with high ceilings. It is a very tranquil setting that is conducive to healing. A patient can expect top-notch service and attention from our team of massage therapists, chiropractors and our physical therapist.

Interviewer: How does this differ from the competition?

Dr. Steven Shoshany: In my experience, most chiropractors practice solo, and they lose patients for various reasons. Maybe the patient is afraid of an adjustment or they are looking for a specific service. Our practice is multidisciplinary. The chiropractor works together with a physical therapist that can integrate strength, stretching and range of motion programs. We have a massage therapist that can work on tight muscles or aches. A medical doctor on staff can provide prescription medication or pain injections in the event they are needed. And we even have an acupuncturist. We try to cover all the bases to give patients everything they need in one place.

Interviewer: How does this benefit your patients?

Dr. Steven Shoshany: Patients benefit from a staff that works together every day and creates treatment programs for the individual. By offering all these services in one place, a person who is suffering with a condition like a herniated disc can get a combined approach or choose from a range of options. Having the ability to choose and having it all in one place is the key benefit we offer.

Dr. Steven Shoshany, Chiropractor, NYC Chiropractor and Spinal Decompression – New York, New York

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