Tempurpedic mattress did not help with my fibromyalgia

I have fibromyalgia and have found that the Tempurpedic mattress is the most uncomfortable mattress I have ever slept on. In addition to fibromyalgia, I have a rod in my spine. I wish I could get my money back. I have had to resort to sleeping on the recliner in the den. This mattress was a total waste of money. Be careful before you buy one of these mattresses for fibromyalgia.

From: Kim – North Carolina USA

Unsatisfied with a new Tempurpedic mattress

I bought a 12" king-size Tempurpedic mattress just under a year ago. While I find the bed and mattress comfortable when you first lay in it, that is usually where the compliments cease for me. Over the past six months, on most days, I wake up in the mornings with lower back pain which was not there the night before.I find the mattress almost too soft - sort of like quicksand. I fall asleep on my back and if I wake up (all groggy, of course), I feel like I’m stuck in a bowl of clay.

I guess I bought it thinking it would be an improvement over my old innerspring bed, but so far it has been a severe disappointment.

From: Switch – New York, New York USA

Problems with a Relaxsan Orthosoft mattress

I have had persistent back pain for 4-5 years now, and recently I decided that I needed a new mattress. After testing a friend's mattress, a Relaxsan Orthosoft, I ordered one myself from an online store. My friend had been very happy with her mattress and had especially commended the Relaxsan mattress for the way it moulds to the body. Unfortunately, when my mattress arrived, it was nothing like my friend's: my mattress was rigid and unresponsive, and after lying on it for a few hours, I was stiff and numb. I have contacted both the retailer and the manufacturer and unfortunately they both refuse to acknowledge the problem with my mattress.

From: Kathryn – United Kingdom

Taking time to adjust to a new mattress

Recently, my husband and I purchased a new bed. I do NOT suffer from back pain and feel bad for those of you who do. For the first night sleeping on our new mattress is was great. However, every night since then has not been a good experience. I am having lower back pain and shoulder pain as well. My neck hurts as well. I am told that my body needs to adjust to a new mattress. I am writing to see if anyone has ever had to go through this. It has been quite a while since we bought a bed and I am not the same weight I was back then.

From: Donna

Glad I tried the Tempurpedic mattress on my doctor’s suggestion

Two years ago I bought the hardest Foster Grant mattress I could find, after trying every mattress in the store. After 4 back surgeries, I was not having the best of luck with mattresses. Lately, I had been having additional back pain and am not due for another round of surgeries for 10 years, so I decided to get a new mattress. I happened to mention this to my GP and was informed that his wife had scoliosis with all the associated surgeries and they bought a Tempurpedic mattress, and loved it. I went to the store, tried the bed, and was not impressed. But, with my previous poor record of choices, I decided to buy it anyway. I love it. My husband loves the new mattress, and has had no more morning backaches. I suggest that you might give it a try.

From: Jean Daily – Tucson, Arizona USA

Tempurpedic mattress pad has been a success so far

After purchasing a nice new Sealy pillowtop mattress, I found it no better than my old mattress. I purchased a Tempurpedic pad or 2 inch mattress to try. It has been a success so far, I have had more restful nights lately. I have constant back pain and no expectation of recovery, so for the price of around $100.00, I can now wake in the morning rested. Good luck.

From: Nana – Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA

A very firm mattress and pillow for extra support is helpful for me

I've had 2 surgeries on my lower back within the past 22 years and I find a very firm mattress very helpful for me. After my first surgery and while I was in the hospital, my husband bought me this extra firm mattress. It felt very good and comfortable for my back. I can't sleep in anything less firm than that and I suffer very much when I travel sleeping in hotels but I learned to ask in advance for a board to be put under the mattress and that helps a bit.

I love to sleep on my side and it's okay for my back as long as I have my legs in 90 degree position with my body. At times when I'm in pain, I also put a pillow between my knees. I find sleeping on my back at times helps, too, providing I put a pillow under my knees when I'm in pain, but I prefer sleeping on the side in general.

From: Mona – Islip, New York USA

Medium firm mattress on an adjustable bed is the best for me

A medium firm mattress is a must, on an adjustable bed (hospital type bed), inclined to about 30 degrees with the legs elevated slightly—this is the best for me. Prior to getting the bed, I used to sleep on a foam mattress on the floor, in a semi-fetal position with my back against a firm pillow, against the wall of our living room, which had a carpeted floor. I have tried just about everything from reclining chairs to a room full of various sized pillows.

In Feb. 1999, after an on-the-job accident while working as a firefighter, I received emergency surgery for a ruptured disk at the L4-5 and L5-S1 level, and was kept on bed rest for what seemed to be forever. Since then, I can now walk, but still have bouts of severe pain after two more surgeries. I have run the gambit of NSAIDs and found some relief with them, but on occasion I have to resort to a more potent drug commonly given to cancer patients in order to gain relief. In hope of a more permanent solution to the pain, I am on a short list (2 months out) for a disk(s) replacement. I will try to keep up a regular posting on the progress, for the benefit of those in a similar situation or those contemplating what to do or where to turn.

From: Kinder2023 – Mikado, Michigan USA

Adjustable bed was the best investment I made

I found the Craftmatic adjustable bed to be the most therapeutic. It allowed me to change positions frequently and the positions are just about unlimited. The adjustable bed was probably the best investment I made.

From: John

Saved money and found comfort with a memory foam mattress

I have a lot of back and leg pain, especially at night. I have a new medium firm mattress but I put a memory foam 3 inch topper on top of the mattress and found it wonderful. I have tried the Tempurpedic bed but found it too firm. I have been told it takes about 6 weeks to get used to it and I only slept on the new mattress for a few nights! So, for a lot less money ($100-200) I found the memory foam mattress topper to be the solution.

From: Arlene – Naples, Florida USA

Tips for choosing a mattress and using a pillow for back support

I have cervical and lumbar pain. My cervical problem comes from whiplash many years ago. My lumbar pain comes from and extra vertebra fused at the base of my spine from birth. The way I found the best mattress for my back was by lying down on my back, putting my hand under the small of my back, and making sure there wasn't any air space. I think using a very hard mattress is an old wives’ tale. If you don't have back support from the mattress, you have too much pull from gravity. Because of the extra vertebra in my spine, I have an extra amount of space, so when I am lying on my back, I place a pillow under my knees which relieves the tension in my lumbar spine area.

From: Sandy – Queenstown, Maryland USA

Good back support from a Tempurpedic mattress

I have had L5/S1 disc disease for 7 years.I have purchased a Tempurpedic mattress which molds to your body as it heats up (with a gel-like substance). It is a very supportive mattress.

From: Glenn – Townsville, Queensland Australia

Memory foam mattress topper well worth the expense after spine surgery

Having had lumbar spine surgery (decompression and instrumented fusion L3-4) in March 2004, I found the feather bed topper I had on top of my mattress was not supportive enough. I only slept for approximately 4 hours max before considerable discomfort in my spine/lower back woke me up and I was usually unable to get back to sleep. Recently, I decided to try a memory foam mattress topper, which is 2.5 inches thick. With this on top of the mattress instead of the feather bed topper, I sleep much better and longer and do not have as much lower back discomfort when I wake up. The memory foam topper retails for about $300Cdn but is well worth the expense. The body is completely supported at all times, no matter how much tossing and turning you do. I would wholly recommend a memory foam topper, but no less than 2 inches deep and a good density, otherwise the support is not as good.

From: Helen – Calgary, Alberta Canada

Firm mattress and a pillow under the knees help with back pain

I have a herniated disk in lumbar region and spinal stenosis and it causes periodic sciatica pain along with almost constant general pain. I find that a firm mattress helps most, especially if I lay flat on my back without a pillow and put the pillow under my knees. However, this often results in sinus problems which can only be alleviated with pillows to elevate my head. I usually start with my knees elevated and switch when breathing (sinus) difficulties wake me up. Mahalo!

From: Chi – Honolulu, Hawaii USA

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