Most people know about smoking's effect on the lungs, but did you know that it has an effect on back health and back pain as well? Whether you simply want to know more about smoking's effects on chronic pain and the body or want to stop smoking all together, you do not have to do it alone. Utilizing new knowledge, support groups, and other smoking resources, you too can stomp the smoking habit.

Not all patients are able or willing to quit smoking and alternative surgical procedures have been developed to help offset the negative influence of smoking.

There are lots of reasons to quit smoking. But for spinal fusion surgery candidates, the increased risk of an unsuccessful outcome could be the best reason of all to quit.

This page provides links, addresses, and phone numbers for resources and organizations that help with smoking-related issues.

Research shows that a combining behavioral changes and anti-smoking medication is the best way to stop smoking. Read on for more tips.

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