Yoga for Spinal Health: Prevention

Yoga and Back Pain

In an earlier blog, we spoke with yoga instructor Morgan Webert of Yoga With Morgan Webert about the benefits of yoga for people suffering from spine injuries.

In this post, we asked Morgan to discuss the preventative benefits yoga can provide to help you avoid injuries and pain.

Yoga expands the spine's range of motion

Morgan explained that one of the many benefits of a regular yoga routine is improved functional range of motion across the whole body. Greater flexibility and agility can prevent or reduce the likelihood of spine injuries and chronic pain.

Many of us spend hours sitting at a desk or repeatedly lifting heavy objects as part of our work day, which can put excessive pressure and strain on the muscles surrounding the spinal column. Over time, this stress on the spine can increase the likelihood of intense compression or even herniation of vertebral discs.

By expanding the spinal column's range of motion through regular yoga practice, chronic tension patterns can be released, which helps avoid injury.

As you spend more time working on your flexibility and agility through yoga exercises, you can reduce the likelihood of injury from any sudden movements you might undertake.

In other words, you'll enjoy a game of catch or pickup football with your friends a lot more easily as you keep your body more consistently flexible.

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Yoga keeps you in touch with your body

Lastly, through yoga's emphasis on breathing and bodily awareness, you'll remain more in tune to your body's needs which will help remind you to make changes before injuries occur.

For example, by being aware of how your body is feeling, you're more likely to notice postural issues that could lead to injuries. The slow, meditative pace of yoga allows your mind to settle and take stock of how your body is doing physically.

Yoga is just one of many different types of exercises can help prevent back pain back pain.

What is your favorite exercise that promotes spine health?

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