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Lower Back Pain Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Pain in the lumbar spine can be caused by one or more different spinal structures or conditions. Learn the symptoms and treatment options.
Osteomyelitis, a Spinal Infection
Osteomyelitis, also known as a spinal infection, is often spread to the vertebral body via the vascular system. It is a fairly rare cause of back pain.
Choosing the Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain
A mattress lacking in back support reinforces poor posture, strains low back muscles, and does not help keep the spine in alignment, all of which can increase low back pain.
Lower Back Stabilization Exercises for Back Pain
Lumbar stabilization is a type of active physical therapy designed to help strengthen lower back muscles. Learn the exercises in this approach.
Orthopedic Surgeon vs. Neurosurgeon for Spine Surgery
Both neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons can perform spine surgery. Learn the similarities and differences and how to choose between them.