International Doctor Directory

International Doctor Directory

Spine-health is proud to have a worldwide network of doctors as part of its membership. This page highlights our international members.

Doctors Practicing in Australia | Doctors Practicing in Canada | Doctors Practicing in Israel | Doctors Practicing in Singapore

Doctors Practicing in Australia

Doctors Practicing in Canada


  • CMCC - Campus Clinics in Ontario
    CMCC is a network of community based teaching clinics throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Research their clinics, specializations and request an appointment.

Doctors Practicing in Isreal

Doctors Practicing in Singapore

  • Dr. Prem Pillay, MBBS, FASC, Mt. Elizabeth, Singapore 228510
    Dr Prem Pillay is the Medical Director of a multidisciplinary spine and pain center in Singapore which offers the full range of services: Minimally invasive and Non-invasive spine and pain therapies including physiotherapy, medications, nerve blocks, plasma nucleoplasty,vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, Endoscopic Microdisectomy, Disc replacement, Dynamic spine implants, Microsurgery for Spine stenosis, Aquaphysio, aquatraction, Spine Radiosurgery