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Providence Brain and Spine Institute

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Providence Medical Group - Southwest Washington Neurosurgery

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A Family & Sports Chiropractic Clinic
2.54 mi
You only get one body in this life, why live it in pain?
Graffeo Chiropractic Clinic
8.78 mi
“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”- Thomas A. Edison
Portland Injury & Rehab Center
8.86 mi
Dr. Phillip McCary, DC, Portland, OR, 97214
Laurelhurst Chiropractic
10.27 mi
Hillsdale Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center
13.20 mi
Our goal invariably is the result of pain elimination in our patients by focusing on the restoration of function, which includes specific and general fitness and the recovery of activities of daily living.
14.19 mi
Building blocks to great health!
Catalyst Chiropractic and Rehabilitation
14.45 mi
"Movement is life. We help people move better so that they can live better."
Clackamas Chiropractic Clinic PC
17.20 mi
I have over 30 years of hands on experience coupled with specialized post graduate training and traditional manual adjusting. I will use that experience to get to the bottom of your health issues or I will refer you to someone who can.
George Chiropractic Clinic, INC
40.83 mi
Your health is your choice! The decisions that you make in seven key areas of your life determine your wellness. Health is a journey not a destination!
Tenino Chiropractic & Wellness Center
83.43 mi
Within each of us is an inborn, innate intelligence. This wisdom created us from one tiny cell, it inspires our smile at playing children, it brings our tears of joy and our tears of sadness, it heals our wounds when we fall and it is the driving force that allows us to succeed against all odds. It is perfect and ever-present. Chiropractic helps us reconnect with this innate intelligence, express more of our potential. Perfect health and well-being is within us all.
96.89 mi
My happiest moments are when patients come back after surgery and whatever problem they came to me with is no longer there.
96.89 mi
The most satisfying thing is to have my patient tell me they don’t have pain anymore.
96.89 mi
The greatest thing we can do for our patients is to give: give them our attention, our compassion, and our expertise.
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