Spinal Fusion Surgery Recovery: At The Hospital (One to Two Days)

Immediately after spine fusion surgery there is a need for pain medication. This is often given in the vein or by “hypo” (injection of medication into the muscle of the arm or leg). Within a couple of days, as the pain decreases, this can be changed to oral medication.

Tests After Spine Fusion

Blood tests may be done periodically while in the hospital following spine fusion surgery. For example, because blood is lost during surgery, hemoglobin will be monitored to ensure that blood oxygen levels do not fall too low. Other blood tests may also be ordered.

Back Brace After Spine Fusion

The spine surgeon may have the patient wear a back brace and this will be fitted at the time of fusion surgery. A back brace is used to limit motion in the spine which helps the bone fusion grow.

Therapy and Exercise After Spine Fusion

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and exercise may be needed to help the individual regain function and strength. This may begin in the hospital or be recommended at a later time. Every effort should be made to start walking and increase the amount of walking. Sometimes it is necessary to go to a rehabilitation center from the hospital to gain further independence.