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Spinal Motion Segment: T12-L1 Animation

The T12-L1 spinal motion segment, also called the thoracolumbar junction, connects the thoracic spine – or upper back – to the lumbar spine – or lower back.

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Sciatica Symptoms

There are several symptoms commonly associated with sciatica, as well as a few less common ones.

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All About Neck Pain

Neck pain arises from poor posture, muscle strain, or injury in the cervical region. Ergonomics and exercises aid prevention and relief.

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Sciatica Causes and Symptoms Video

Sciatica is leg pain caused by a problem in the low back. Watch an animated video that details the causes and symptoms of sciatica.

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Cervical Herniated Disc Video

See what a cervical herniated disc looks like and understand its symptoms, causes, and treatments in this animated cervical herniated disc video.

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Several oral and topical medications may help relieve sciatica pain. Learn about the different OTC and prescription drugs that may be helpful for your unique situation.