Are you a light sleeper, waking up at all hours of the night? These gadgets may help you sleep soundly so you wake up feeling refreshed:

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1. Noise-cancelling headphones

Many people are sensitive to sound. Even minor noises, such as a creaky door or someone walking in the hallway, are enough to startle them awake.

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One method for reducing sound is to wear noise-canceling headphones to bed. Wireless earbuds that fit in your ear or head wraps with built-in speakers may work best. With these devices, you can comfortably move around in bed while filtering out unwanted noise.


2. Sound machine

If you want to reduce noise but don’t want to wear a device while sleeping, you may prefer using a sound machine. These small speakers fill a room with white noise or other soothing sounds, blocking many outside noises that could potentially wake you up.

For a budget-friendly alternative, download a free sound machine app on your phone, or use a small fan.

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3. Weighted blanket

If you like to sleep with pressure on you but find a heavy comforter too warm to use, weighted blankets may be the solution. These blankets are filled with plastic pellets that evenly distribute anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds of weight, depending on the kind you choose. Weighted blankets are said to provide a calming sensation, which may reduce stirring and improve your sleep.

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4. Temperature-regulating bedding

A common disruptor of sleep is being too hot or too cold. For example, you might enjoy the comfort of a thick blanket and warm air as you fall asleep, but hours later, when your body heat has risen, you might wake up.

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One solution is to sleep with bedding products that adapt to your body temperature. Sheets and blankets made with phase change material, for example, are designed with the goal of regulating heat and keep you cool.

You can also purchase a climate control system that attaches to your current mattress and pumps hot or cold air throughout the night.

5. Adjustable bed

An adjustable bed typically refers to a bed frame that can adjust to various positions based on your personal preference or health situation. If you have spinal stenosis, for example, you can move an adjustable bed into a reclined position and elevate your knees, which may bring you more comfort and better sleep.

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You may want to consider an adjustable bed that comes with a zero-gravity setting. Zero gravity beds are designed to evenly distribute body weight and take pressure off an aching back.

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6. Humidifier with essential oil diffuser

If you ever wake up in the night feeling parched and thirsty, you likely need more moisture in your bedroom. A humidifier can help solve this problem. This appliance dispenses moisture into your bedroom air throughout the night, keeping your skin, nose, and throat from getting dry while you sleep.

Do you enjoy relaxing with essential oils? If so, use a humidifier that comes combined with a diffuser. This way you can have calming scents released into your bedroom air during the night, too. Essential oils such as lavender, vetiver, and jasmine are popular scents to use at bedtime.

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Gadgets are no substitute for practicing good sleep hygiene or treating the underlying health condition that may be affecting your sleep. But give these gadgets a try and see if you stay asleep through the night.

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