September is the international month dedicated to awareness of pain conditions and improvement of resources for people living with chronic pain. Look for updates each week on how Spine-health is supporting pain awareness and providing resources for people in pain.

In order to help you start the month, here are several activities you can participate in:

  • A wide variety of individuals and organizations are using September as the time to promote pain relief. Check your local area newspapers and organizations for book signings, pain relief workshops, demonstrations, or special promotions.
  • Ask your physician, chiropractor, pain clinic, etc. if there are any events or promotions during the month that you can participate in. If you work at a health facility, consider organizing an event to help promote pain awareness, or providing treatment or screening with discounted rates.
  • The American Pain Foundation is organizing a Virtual March on Washington. This event is designed to raise awareness of the concerns about lack of access to pain treatment in the US. The American Pain Foundation will be releasing videos about the challenges of different pain conditions. The organization is also asking for people to submit their stories about how they are affected by pain through a special outreach called the "10,000 Voices Campaign".
  • Advanced Pain Management is offering a free online jigsaw puzzle game with a pain awareness bracelet reward for completing it.
  • The National Fibromyalgia Association is hosting an e-Card contest with the theme “Pain Hurts Everyone”. You can create and submit a still image e-Card. Winning cards will be featured in the Fibromyalgia AWARE magazine, and the winning cards will also be made available for anyone to send.
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  • Pain Awareness Month is being practiced for the first time across New Zealand with an art contest as the featured activity. The theme is "Art Inspired by Pain". The entries are being posted on the site so you can view the submissions as they are received throughout the month and vote for your favorite entry (some images may be graphic or of adult themes).
  • This is also Yoga Awareness Month and yoga is a proven treatment for relieving back pain and neck pain in some patients. Over 1200 yoga studios are going to be allowing new students to have one free week of yoga classes.
  • You can find out more about how yoga helps back and neck pain by reading Yoga for Back Problems.

  • Added 9/15. This week is Invisible Illness Awareness Week. The first days have past, but you can see what has gone on and what is still planned.
  • Added 9/15. The Power of Pain Foundation is holding an awareness event at the Arizona Diamondbacks final home game where chronic pain sufferers will be enjoying the game together and passing out information to other attendees. This event is also occurring online where one can "play from a distance" with a contribution and receive a t-shirt in return. Messages collected from the online supporters will be shared on screens in the ballpark. Note: this event is also a fund-raising event.
  • Added 9/22. In the Face of Pain has put out a crossword puzzle for Pain Awareness Month. The clues ask for common pain conditions.