This question was posed on our message board last week and has triggered a great deal of response.  I have gone through child birth, but not bad back pain, so I really can't compare the two.  But judging from the message board, I can see that hands down back pain has the most votes for being the worse of the two.  Even the women who gave birth to 13 children (thirteen!) says that back pain is far worse than childbirth.

Here are some of the main areas of concensus:

Men are big babies when it comes to general discomfort, such as having a cold or the flu, but for major challenges - including bad back pain - they tend to dig deep within themselves and somehow deal with it all.


In general, most said back pain because:

  • Childbirth is over at some point - even with a long labor - whereas back pain can go on, and on, and on, ...
  • After giving birth, you have a wonderful little present!  With back pain, there is no reward
  • With childbirth, one can usually count on an epidural to get you through the worst of it

The best post is from the woman who has had 13 children and says that none of the labors were as bad as her back pain is. I wonder if having and caring for 13 children is the cause of her continued back pain?  Could be.  Personally, I can't imagine how one can take care of so many kids and also have enough time to take care of herself - sleep, eat right, stretching and exercise - all keys to preventing or minimizing back pain.

A funny digression into comparing vasectomies with childbirth and back pain ... got the men involved.