Pregnancy creates a great deal of strain on a woman's body. It increases pressure on the spine, the feet, and the legs. This can all result in sometimes severe lower back pain during pregnancy. However, there are many methods for back and chronic pain relief during pregnancy. The following articles can help you manage back pain and pregnancy with exercise and other treatments.

Many women who experience postpartum back pain develop the symptoms due to pregnancy-related changes in the musculoskeletal system that persist after delivery.

If not addressed, back pain during pregnancy can impact your daily lifestyle, cause missed time from work, and make delivery more difficult. Such pregnancy pain is serious and shouldn't be avoided.

Multifactorial causes, including anatomical, postural, vascular, and hormonal changes that take place naturally during pregnancy may result in back pain.

Although pregnant women may be tempted to rest rather than exercise if they are experiencing pain, gentle exercise can decrease muscle spasms, boost energy levels and help with an easier labor, delivery and recovery.
Treatment options for pregnancy-related back pain depend on the cause and typically include physical therapy, medical management, and/or surgical intervention.

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