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Modern advancements in spine surgery may offer many patients long-lasting back pain relief in as little as one day. Atlantic Spine Center’s innovative RELIEF Surgery℠ is a state-of-the-art robotic-assisted endoscopic procedure that can lead to less pain and quicker recovery.

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What Is RELIEF SurgerySM?

Robotic and Endoscopic Lumbar Interbody Expanded Fusion (RELIEF) Surgery℠ is a minimally invasive, robotic-assisted spine surgery that may provide long-lasting pain relief for patients who have been diagnosed with low back pain caused by narrowing of the spinal disc space or spinal instability.

Are You A Candidate for RELIEF SurgerySM?

If you have been diagnosed with a spinal condition, such as disc degeneration, bulging discs, herniation, spinal stenosis, or spinal slippage, you may experience narrowing of the spinal disc space and spinal instability. Spinal surgery is often required to restore spinal intervetebral disc space and/or maintain spinal stability..

Conditions Treated with RELIEF SurgerySM include:

  • Lumbar spondylolisthesis/instability
  • Lumbar spinal disc space narrowing
  • Lumbar stenosis conditions
  • Lumbar disc herniation
  • Lumbar radiculopathy

Advantages of RELIEF SurgerySM

Compared to traditional spinal procedures, RELIEF Surgery℠ offers a less invasive approach, quicker recovery times and less downtime after the surgery. Potential advantages of RELIEF Surgery℠ include:

  • Long-lasting pain relief
  • Minimally invasive and less surgery trauma
  • Less downtime with same day surgery
  • Faster recovery and less pain than traditional spine surgery
  • Increased efficiency and potential reduction in surgical error
  • Reduced exposure to radiation

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Looking for RELIEF SurgerySM Experts?

Atlantic Spine Center physicians are trained in today's most advanced minimally invasive treatments and procedures. Atlantic spine center offers patients a better option to traditional spine treatments.

  • kaixuan-liu.png

    Kaixuan Liu, MD, PhD

    Dr. Liu is devoted to high quality clinical research and innovation in endoscopic spine surgery. He has frequently presented his work of endoscopic spine surgery in national and international meetings. Dr. Liu has extensively published his skills and experiences of endoscopic spine surgery in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine in peer reviewed journals.

  • praveen-kadimcherla.png

    Praveen Kadimcherla, MD

    Dr. Kadimcherla has extensive knowledge of various pathologies involving the degenerative spine. He has become adept in dealing with complex spine issues including deformity, tumors and revision spine surgery. He has published scientific articles and presented at national meetings.

  • fabien-bitan.png

    Fabien Bitan, MD

    Dr. Bitan is a world renowned spine surgeon and leading expert in spinal instrumentation. He has substantial experience in treating spinal deformities, especially scoliosis and kyphosis, in Europe and the United States. His areas of expertise include treating spinal deformities, performing artificial disc replacement, and operating minimally invasive spinal procedures.

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How does a pain evaluation work?

The doctors at Atlantic Spine Center created this tool specifically to address the issue of an early and accurate diagnosis.

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