When a disc in your lower spine bulges or herniates, you may feel pain in your lower back and/or your leg. Here are 3 unique signs and symptoms that a bulging disc may be the underlying cause of your lower back problem:

  1. Pain while sitting. Sitting places greater pressure on your intervertebral discs than other positions. If you have a bulging disc, this pressure may cause the bulge to become more pronounced and aggravate your lower back pain as you sit.
  2. Sciatica. The bulge typically develops near a spinal nerve root, which can become compressed or irritated, causing radiating pain and other sciatica symptoms on the affected side. You may experience burning pain, numbness, weakness, and/or tingling in one or more areas along the front and back of your thigh, leg, and foot.
  3. Pain aggravated by specific activities. Bulging disc pain usually comes on fast with certain activities, such as bending forward or down, lifting a heavy object, pushing or pulling a heavy object, coughing, or sneezing.

Visit your doctor if you exhibit one or more of these 3 telltale signs and symptoms of a lumbar herniated disc. Early treatment may help prevent the condition from worsening and causing additional symptoms.

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