The Mobi-C cervical disc represents a metal on polyethylene device. It consists of two metal endplates with a UHMWPE (polyethylene) mobile core that can move within the lower endplate.

The Mobi-C represents the first second-generation cervical disc replacement with patented Mobile Core Technology. This disc includes a mobile core that is designed to self-adjust to match spinal movements and allow a natural range of motion.


Mobi-C was the first cervical disc replacement approved for both one-level3 and two-level4 cervical disc replacement. The FDA-IDE study of the implant demonstrated at least equivalent clinical results to ACDF for one-level disc replacement; and for two-level cervical disc replacement, the FDA-IDE study demonstrated clinical results superior to ACDF.5,6


The Mobi-C artificial cervical disc received approval from the FDA in August 2013.


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