The Prestige LP Cervical Disc is built upon the design of the Prestige Cervical Disc, originally introduced in 2007. It is made of titanium-ceramic composite, which has been shown to have a lower rate of wear than other materials. It is designed as a metal-on-metal bearing that essentially has a ball-and-trough articulation. This type of design allows all range of motion about the center of motion of the ball component.

The original Prestige-ST prosthesis was attached to the spine via locking screws that attach to the vertebral bodies above and below the disc. The endplates of the Prestige LP disc are grit blasted to allow for bony in-growth, which helps keep the artificial disc securely in place.


The Prestige LP Cervical Disc was approved to treat single-level cervical disc conditions in July 2014.10 FDA clinical trials have currently reported 7-year results.11


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