If it is determined that you might need back surgery, the physician will probably ask you questions about what you expect to obtain from the surgery. For example:

  • Do you expect a complete cure after back surgery?
  • What percentage of improvement could you live with?
  • What percentage of improvement would you be happy with?
  • What part of your back problems would you most want to be improved?
  • What things do you have trouble with now or cannot do that you would want most to be able to do after back surgery?

Post-operative Care and Arrangements following Spine Surgery

If you decide to have spine surgery, you should also be prepared to discuss your post-operative expectations and arrangements. For example:

  • You might need extended physical therapy or rehabilitation following spine surgery - can you accept this?
  • What home or family arrangements can be made if your treatments can be performed at home?
  • When are you likely to have to return to work? To self-care?

This article has laid out a number of potential topics that your spine surgeon will probably inquire about. If you take the time to prepare for these types of questions, you will most likely find that your consultation with your spine doctor is much more productive and this should help get you on the road to recovery more quickly.

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