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Fire evacuation brought some good news for my back

During the SD fire evacuation, I slept on a RAISED AERO BED queen mattress and had the best sleep ever. I normally twist and turn to alleviate the pressure on my hips and lower bad. The air mattress conform to my back with no pressure. The only negative - it's hard to sit on the edge. Something good did come out of the fire storm.

From: Seng – California, USA

After many mattresses, the sofa is best

I have had a back problem for a number of years. I think it really started a little more than five years ago. My back is fine until I sleep. I tried several orthopedic mattresses from Spring Air, Select Comfort, Sealy and others. I tried soft, pillow top, medium and firm. I gave each bed several months. It was a very costly experiment. None of it worked. I was on my way to some serious problems, not to mention the pain I was waking up with every morning. Sometimes it was really bad. I literally could not perform basic hygiene without a major effort to twist my body, if you know what I mean.

I am determined to solve this problem. I believe I have the answer. This my seem a little unconventional, but I've tried all the conventional methods without success. Last month I stayed at my brother's house. I slept on his sofa. When I slept on the sofa I found that the back of the sofa stabilized my back and that I could adjust myself to feel comfortable on that sofa. I am buying a sofa similar to his to sleep on. I'm going to put it in my room right next to bed.

From: Larry Zuckerman – California, USA

Foam mattress topper lets me sleep comfortably

I have chronic pain from all kinds of problems with my back (herniations, stenosis, arthritis). I sleep on my side, fetal position with a pillow between my knees and one behind my back. I just got a Bio-pedic foam topper and it has helped me to sleep very comfortably.

From: Deb – Pennsylvania, USA

Tempurpedic helps my husband's back pain, but not mine

I have had back pain on and off my adult life. I have a slight curvature of the spine which, when aggravated, creates knee buckling pain. My husband who has had back problems from sports insisted that we purchase a deluxe tempurpedic mattress. He says it helps him but I have had chronic pain since we purchased it. Whenever we go away on vacation, the pain disappears. I have tried no pillow, foam pillow flat pillow and chiropractors, still the pain persists. I'm happy for those who like tempurpedic but for me it has been a painful experience.

From: Annette K. - New York, USA

Unhappy with my mattress

We have a Sleep Comfort mattress with pillow top & it's awful. We have had parts replaced because the plastic tabs holding the frame in place broke causing that side to sag down. It was a very expensive investment and a pain (literally) to get replaced. The one side still sags & I wake up in so much pain and trying to get out of bed is the worst!

From: Sleepless in Senoia – Georgia, USA

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