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Try out a Select-Comfort at hotels before buying at home

If you'd like to try sleeping on a Select-Comfort mattress, the Radisson has them in many/most of their hotels. We just spent two nights in Denver, and enjoyed the Select-Comfort beds and being able to individually adjust our firmness. My husband is very large, and I always feel like I'm rolling towards him. We did not have to deal with that with this mattress! I did notice that I got warm during the night, so that may be an issue, but the room was also a bit warm.


We have a Tempurpedic knock-off at home which was $1800 and has lasted less than a year!!! Yes, there is a warranty, but WE have to ship the mattress back ($600 for shipping), not have any mattress for 4-6 weeks, THEN THEY DECIDE if they're going to replace the mattress or not. If not, YOU pay AGAIN to have it shipped back to you. Just not worth it!!

Thanks for everyone's experience. This helps! :)

From: Amy – Utah, USA

Sometimes simple is best for back pain

My bed is a plywood board with a 1/4 inch thin topper made of cane. At hotels I use a bed cover. Luckily most places in India dont have springs.

From: Tushar Kapila - India

Best bed for me was a cheap mattress

I have bad lower back problems. My last bed was giving me a lot of grief (it was just very old and lumpy), and typically, unless I slept on my couch, I could never find any relief at all or rest. My couch just had very very thick foam cushions and was very soft. Also at my mom’s house in her spare bedroom was a bed that I always felt better on after I woke up and slept perfectly, and she told me it was just a cheap mattress with some thin foam put over the top.

So, thinking this would be the best idea, me and my wife bought an expensive temperpedic matress and box set. It seemed ok for a day or two, and I thought the issues I was having might just be with therapy i had been doing, but this bed has just been as bad as the last one with the lumps in it. Just a waste of money. =(

The only thing I can say on their behalf, aside from not being able to take it back and I’m stuck with this thing, is I remember their mattresses came in different softnesses. I only wonder now if perhaps I needed a different 'softness' of temperpedic. But I don’t know.. However, the next bed I’ll be buying probably won’t be a temperpedic just becuase it’s too expensive just to 'try out' and see. They just don’t give enough time for you to test and find out. Can’t afford another mistake like that, so we’ll probably just try to find a softer 'normal' mattress like what my mom had. She lives half way across the United States or I’d have her send me her spare bed mattress. lol.

From: Anonymous – Arizona, USA

Mattress seems to be making back pain worse

We purchased the top of the line Stearns & Foster here locally for $3,200. At first we loved it but after a few months I started awaking with low back pain. It has continued to get worse. I know it's caused from the mattress for I can sleep in a recliner and have no pain. We blew $3,200!

From: olefin – Arkansas, USA

Pillow choices help align my spine

I have invested in 3 different pillows to help my sleeping. The first is the Rophi leg cushion--great for me because I am a side and back sleeper and the pillow moves with me! The other two pillows are Tempur-pedic pillows. One is the original neck pillow. It is great for back sleepers. I also bought the travel version which also doubles as a lumbar roll when I fly. My newest purchase is the Tempur-pedic Millennium pillow. It is for back and side sleepers (higher on the ends for when you roll onto your side). Both seem to properly align my spine when I sleep--I switch off. I am now considering getting a Tempur-pedic mattress topper.

From: simcarltn – Texas, USA

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