Back Pain and Neck Pain Blog

Back Pain and Neck Pain Blog

How can people who don't have chronic pain understand what you are going through? This open letter attempts to enlighten others that, while you might look fine, the pain is not gone and it might affect how you act.
If you think you may need spine surgery, look on the bright side: Some spine surgeries provide tremendous relief while being minimally invasive.

Seeing your child come home from school bending forward to handle the weight of a fully loaded school backpack is cause for concern. Backpacks that are too heavy for the child can cause back pain and spasms, shoulder pain, and neck pain, among other issues.

Learn a number of practical tips to significantly reduce the weight that your child is bearing on the way to and from school.

A natural stimulus for the healing process is active exercise - in a controlled, gradual and progressive manner. Movement keeps the discs, muscles, ligaments and joints in the spine healthy. Physical activity also allows diffusion of nutrients into the disc space and helps it stay healthy.

Too much rest worsens pain. Stretching, strengthening and aerobic conditioning exercises are important. Get an individualized exercise program.

Piriformis syndrome is the pain that may occur in the buttocks and/or along the sciatic nerve down the legs when the piriformis muscle, located in the buttocks, spasms and irritates the sciatic nerve.

We recently added a new video to our Spine-health Videos Library to help you understand this condition.

On World Osteoporosis Day, the International Osteoporosis Foundations warns that men are being undertreated for osteoporosis.
Medial branch nerve blocks are procedures that can help doctors diagnose facet joint disorders.

Osteoporosis is called the "silent disease" because most people don't know they have it until the disease has really progressed. Even then, most spinal fractures are dismissed as general back pain due to aging or a muscle strain.

Terminology describing back pain that originates from a spinal disc problem can become confusing. describes the two sources of pain as coming from a pinched nerve or a degenerating disc.

When you're dealing with chronic or ongoing episodes of back pain and/or neck pain, sometimes it seems that half the battle is just finding the right kind of specialist to diagnose and treat your pain.