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Bed Rest Not Always Best Bet for Beating Back Pain

A review of several studies confirms that staying active is a better treatment for low back pain and sciatica than bed rest.

How Lumbar Steroid Injections Deliver Back Pain Relief

Epidural steroid injections deliver pain-relieving steroids directly to the nerve roots. Learn what the process includes with this overview of our new video.

Getting the Right Diagnosis for Numb Fingers

Carpal tunnel syndrome, a cervical herniated disc, and rheumatoid arthritis could all cause numbness in your hands. Make sure you have the correct diagnosis before you proceed with a treatment.

Choosing Spine Surgery: What to Consider

When you’re considering spine surgery, complete and reliable information is important to help you decide whether or not to have the surgery, as well as how to select a spine surgeon, prepare for back surgery, and make the best use of the recovery process.

Facet Joint Injections Help Diagnose and Treat Related Back Pain

Facet joint injections help doctors diagnose the source of patients' back pain, and they help relieve the pain through a mixture of anesthetics and steroids delivered directly to the joints.

Could My Back Pain be Caused by Stress?

While there's not doubt having back pain causes stress, many professionals agree that stress can actually be the primary cause of back pain.

Ask the Expert: Choosing a Spinal Implant for Spine Fusion Surgery

Spine surgeon, Dr. Colle, discusses the benefits of choosing titanium implants to promote better spine fusions.

How Metastatic Spine Cancer Can Cause Neurological Symptoms and Pain

lung cancer
Metastatic spine cancer occurs when cancer located somewhere else in the body travels to the spine and forms tumors, which may in turn cause neurological symptoms.

Warning: Proceed with Caution Before Fusion Surgery

Dr. Ullrich acknowledges that there is a time and a place for spinal fusion surgery, but he urges patients to carefully consider all their options before they agree to the spine surgery. In this case study, he explains how he helped steer a young male patient clear of a surgery that would have surely caused him more pain and disability than he already had.

Exercise for Better Back Health

There is a wide range of back problems—from simple back strain to serious injury—but the one thing almost all of them have in common is that part of the cure involves exercise and fitness. A good exercise routine is key to reducing your chances of recurring pain.