Back Pain and Neck Pain Blog

Back Pain and Neck Pain Blog

Dr. Ullrich describes the reasons why leg pain may persist after spinal surgery.
The facet joints, located in the back of the spine, can be a source of pain following spine surgery.
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Lumbar degenerative disc disease occurs as a result of the normal aging process, but not everyone will experience symptoms. Our new video describes the disease process.

Clinical trials can be a great way to try new medical devices and medications that are not yet available on the market. I get a lot of questions from our Facebook fans about clinical trials, so I compiled a few facts, taken from our site to help answer some of the more common questions. I also consulted with a professional in the industry to get his insights as well.1

With shorter days, changes in the weather and three major holidays on the way, it’s no wonder that the winter months are often high times for depression.

For sufferers of chronic pain, the likelihood of depression is already four times higher to begin with, making this time of year even more difficult.

To help people with frequent back pain and/or neck pain deal with the additional burdens that come with depression and stress around the holidays, Spine-health is proud to offer these tips.

When the inner portion of a disc in the cervical spine, or neck, ruptures through the outer wall of the disc, a cervical herniated disc occurs.

We recently added a new video to our Spine-health Videos Library to help you understand this condition.

Watch Cervical Herniated Disc Video

Spine fusion surgery outcomes are not always predictable. A spine surgeon shares his opinion on which types of conditions will have the best results from this treatment.
A review of several studies confirms that staying active is a better treatment for low back pain and sciatica than bed rest.
How can people who don't have chronic pain understand what you are going through? This open letter attempts to enlighten others that, while you might look fine, the pain is not gone and it might affect how you act.