Back Pain and Neck Pain Blog

Back Pain and Neck Pain Blog

Our new tailbone pain video can help you take charge of your pain by visualizing your condition.
Chiropractors can be excellent partners to help you get back on the road to spine health.

Protecting your bones is an important step to avoiding osteoporosis and maintaining a healthy spine.

The lower back is prone to injury because it has the least structural support, and it endures the most strain. Take care of this complex structure by being aware of preventative measures.

The old adage "if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail" applies in spades to treatment of back pain. Doctors tend to have a way of looking at a patient's problem in terms of what their skills can do - a surgeon evaluates patients in terms of whether or not they should have surgery, a pain medicine anesthesiologist will consider an injection, and a chiropractor will evaluate patients for manual manipulation therapy. So when a back pain patient goes to three different doctors, he or she will typically get three very different treatment recommendations.

Osteoarthritis is a leading cause of back pain in people over the age of 60. While osteoarthritis occurs commonly in load-bearing joints, such as hips or knees, it can also occur in the lumbar spine and cause back pain and stiffness.

A new study shows that massage therapy is just as effective as standard medical treatment for relieving nonspecific low back pain.
Spine surgeon, Dr. Peter Ullrich has sheds some light on what to expect after your initial consult with a spine surgeon.

Anyone who has experienced chronic low back pain knows how frustrating it can be to find a doctor to help. From a surgeon's perspective, I often see patients who have seen multiple other doctors and physical therapists and have not had relief of their pain. (After all, if non-surgical treatment was working they wouldn't be coming to me to get a surgical opinion in the first place.)

Having scoliosis does not mean you can't try yoga. In fact, one of our readers suffering from severe scoliosis shared that yoga really helps him find his center, strengthen his core, decrease his pain and focus on his breathing.