Back Pain and Neck Pain Blog

Back Pain and Neck Pain Blog

Text neck is the term used to describe the injuries and pain sustained from looking down at wireless devices for too long. Learn about the symptoms and possible treatments.
Our new degenerative spondylolisthesis video can help you visualize and understand what happens to the spine when this occurs.

One challenge with treating back pain is that there are not that many absolute rules. For example, a spinal condition that appears relatively minor can lead to severe back pain, but a very serious condition can be barely painful at all. Similarly, some patients with a spinal condition will develop chronic pain, while others with the same condition will not.

To better deal with these issues, the spine medicine community is increasingly starting to appreciate that pain is a uniquely personal experience, and many treatments and types of back care don't work the same for all patients even when they have the same diagnosis.

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We recently added a video to help our readers understand the anatomy of their lower spine.

Many people are looking for information on non-medical treatment alternatives, so we did some research and have included information on that includes a number of alternative health options for people trying to manage their back condition. Please note that many people find that the greatest benefits come from combining medical options (such as back pain medications, injections, spine surgery, etc) along with alternative health care options like yoga or Pilates.

Our new video help you visualize what happens during a sacroiliac joint injection.

If you have had back pain for a while, you probably already know that navigating the healthcare system to find the right doctor or treatment can be quite a challenge. While the process will probably always be frustrating at times, playing an active role - asking pertinent questions and sharing the decision-making with your care provider - can help make it easier.

Please note that there are market forces and personal forces (such as friendships and familiarity) that can influence which physician you are referred to. When you have been referred to a particular specialist or spine surgeon, it’s a good opportunity to ask questions about why he or she has been recommended.

Even if the pain is severe, episodes of back pain—and pain from ongoing back conditions—can be somewhat relieved with some first aid methods you can do at home. After an injury, resting for a day or two can give your back a chance to recover and start to heal on its own. In addition, some combination of the following treatments is usually recommended to help alleviate or at least manage the pain.

There are many misconceptions about spine pain. Seeking credible information is essential to having the best chances for recovery. In that spirit, we at Spine-health wish to clarify a few of the common myths about neck pain.