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Get a Free Back Stretching and Exercise Print Out from Veritas

Veritas Health offers a free print out of back stretches and exercises to promote spine health. Get your copy today.

Back Pain and Summer Heat

Battling the heat of summer when you have back pain can like a reason to turn on the AC and stay inside. Hopefully these bits of information will help you use the summer weather as a tool to help relieve your pain while also avoiding the problems that may increase your pain during this season.

Decreasing Chronic Inflammation in Your Body for Better Health

Dr. Burgundi shares tips on how to decrease chronic inflammation in the body.

1 Hour to Ease Your Back Ache and Boost Your Mood

Quick fixes usually don’t work in the long run, but according to this office-based study, sitting just an hour less every day for 7 weeks significantly improved otherwise sedentary workers’ back and neck pain and boosted their moods.

First Aid for Your Back

Even if the pain is severe, episodes of back pain—and pain from ongoing back conditions—can be somewhat relieved with some first aid methods you can do at home.

14 All-Natural Approaches to Chronic Pain Relief

Natural pain relievers and approaches to pain relief may help people who deal with chronic pain become less dependent on prescription and over the counter pain medication. While these options won't work for everyone, they are all easy to try.

How Poor Posture can Stress the Psoas Muscle and Lead to Back Pain

Poor posture can stress the psoas muscle, possibly leading to spinal degeneration and back pain.

7 Tips to Alleviate Back Pain on Your Road Trips

Take care of your back during long car rides with these 7 tips to help alleviate back pain.

Acupuncture and Stretching Helped My Sciatica: An Open Letter from a Spine-health Reader

A Spine-health reader gives his testimony of how stretching and acupuncture helped his sciatic and low back pain due go a herniated disc.

Is My Back Pain Caused by a Pinched Nerve or Degenerated Disc?

Terminology describing back pain that originates from a spinal disc problem can become confusing. describes the two sources of pain as coming from a pinched nerve or a degenerating disc.