Tiger Woods Undergoes Microdiscectomy Surgery for a Pinched Nerve

On Tuesday, Tiger Woods announced via Twitter that he would not be competing in the 2014 Masters in Augusta, Georgia because he is recovering from a microdiscectomy surgery he had on Monday.

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Tiger has been suffering from back pain for some time now, and he also missed the Honda Classic and the Arnold Palmer earlier, saying he needed to rest his back. According to Woods' surgeon, the golfer is suffering from a pinched nerve, which is almost always the result of a herniated disc.

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Lumbar herniated disc. Click to enlarge

A herniated disc can occur anywhere along the spine, from the neck to the lower back. Golfers use a lot of force to drive the ball, which can result in a herniated disc. Depending on where the injury occurs, pain can be transmitted to the arms or down the legs as a result of the disc material putting pressure on a nearby nerve.

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Usually, herniated discs can be treated with conservative therapies such as medications and non-surgical treatments, but sometimes surgery is a necessity.

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A microdiscectomy, or a microdecompression surgery, is performed to relieve the pressure on nerve roots in the spine by removing disc or bone material that is impinging on the nerve.

Tiger's neurosurgeon Dr. Charles Rich in Park City, Utah, explained that Tiger will enter into rehabilitation next week, and that his goal is to get back to golfing sometime this summer.

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