Spine Anatomy Video Library

Learn about spinal anatomy and how various conditions can cause pain and discomfort.
Lumbar Spine Anatomy Video

Lumbar Spine Anatomy Video

Learn how the lumbar spinal discs function and how lower back conditions can cause back pain and/or radiating pain.
Cervical Spine Anatomy

Cervical Spine Anatomy Video

The cervical region of the spine (neck) consists of seven vertebrae. Learn how the spinal discs function and how various conditions can cause neck pain and/or radiating pain.
Sciatic Nerve Anatomy Video

Sciatic Nerve Anatomy Video

Watch an animated video detailing the anatomy of the sciatic nerve.
Spine Anatomy Video

Spine Anatomy Interactive Video

See illustrations of spinal anatomy and learn about components of the spine to help you better understand various sources of back pain and other back problems.