Chiropractic Adjustment of the Cervical Spine (Neck) Video

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The cervical spine, or neck, is perhaps the most delicate part of the spine, charged with housing the spinal cord, supporting the head, and regulating blood flow to the brain. The neck can easily become a source of pain due to muscle strain or other more serious injury, including whiplash. Many types of neck pain can be alleviated with time and a conservative (nonsurgical) treatment regimen, including chiropractic care with cervical manipulation.

Video presented by Matthew H. Kowalski, DC

Video Transcript

Cervical spine manipulations are commonly performed in the supine position and interfallangial is placed over the articulating pillar of the affected joint. The joint is then placed at its end range of motion and all joint play is then locked out. A high-velocity, low-amplitude impulse is then applied. Cervical spine manipulation techniques may be selected that require a minimum of neck rotation and extension. For example, the patient may be placed prone on the examination table with the headpiece slightly flexed. A contact is then made over the facet articulation and counter-pressure is applied to the opposite side. The manipulative force is then administered through the facet joint without rotating the patient’s neck.