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Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)

Lumbar degenerative disc disease refers to a condition in which age-related wear and tear on the discs of the lumbar spine cause symptoms of lower back pain.
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Treatment for Neck Pain

Neck pain can typically be treated with nonsurgical methods. Medication, physical therapy, therapeutic injections, and many other treatments are available for neck pain.
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Sciatica Symptoms

The 2 most common symptoms of sciatica are leg pain and altered sensation. Additionally, leg weakness may also be present.

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Herniated Disc Video

See how a herniated disc occurs and how it can cause pain and other symptoms depending on the location of the disc herniation

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Sciatica Causes

Herniated discs in the lower back are the most common cause of sciatica. Other possible causes include disc or bone degeneration in the spine.

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Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease Video

Lumbar degenerative disc disease refers to the symptoms of lower back pain and/or radiating pain, numbness or weakness in the legs stemming from a degenerated spinal disc

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Pain in the shoulder blade region is fairly common and can be quite painful and limiting. It can have many causes, ranging from a muscle strain to a more serious condition that requires immediate medical attention.

Walking is a simple, low-impact exercise that can help relieve your sciatica. Follow these two tips to maintain good posture while walking and avoid further irritation of your sciatic nerve roots.