Question: New fractures after spinal fusion or vertebroplasty?

I have a question on a spinal fusion or a vertebroplasty procedure. I have heard from a few people that new fractures adjacent to a spinal fusion or cemented vertebrea can cause new spinal fractures. Is this common with spinal fusion or vertebroplasty procedures? If so, how long after the surgery can this happen, and what can the surgeon do to correct this?

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Doctor’s Response: Further fractures are uncommon with vertebroplasty procedures

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It is not common to have the next vertebral body fracture after a fusion surgery, but it is fairly common after a vertebroplasty. However, most everybody who gets a vertebroplasty procedure has it done because of an osteoporotic compression fracture, and these patients are already prone to further compression fractures. It is not quite clear how much of this additional risk of a vertebral fracture is because of the vertebroplasty and how much is because of the patient’s susceptibility.

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