Question: Pain relief for shoulder blade pain?

I desperately need help. It’s the thoracic pain that started over one year ago: burning and stabbing under the left shoulder blade, and if I move, walk or do any kind of movement, it gets worse.

My MRI shows two small fatty tumors in the cervical area and two small bulged discs in the lumbar area, but my doctor says neither should be causing this pain. Nothing is showing in the thoracic area. I've done all the doctors have suggested.

I've begged for a shot of some pain relief...just for a few days pain free...God would I be thankful. If I stay still, I am able to handle it, but I can't sit my life away. I’m 55 yrs old and don’t have insurance.

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Doctor's response: A physiatrist should examine to determine cause of shoulder blade pain

I recommend getting in to see a physiatrist who specializes in diagnosing and treating back pain for a thorough history and physical examination. There may be effective yet affordable treatment alternatives for your upper back pain.

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