If you live with chronic lower back pain, you know first-hand how everyday tasks and activities can aggravate your symptoms.

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Ergonomic chairs provide lower back support and help to promote good posture.
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To help relieve your pain, here are 3 must-have items for people with chronic lower back pain.

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1. Ergonomic desk chair

You might be surprised to learn that sitting places more stress on your lower back (lumbar spine) than standing. So a long work day spent sitting down may aggravate your chronic lower back pain. Additionally, we tend to slouch forward when we sit at our desks, and this poor posture can further provoke your pain.

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To help protect your lower back while you work, it's typically a good idea to purchase an ergonomic office chair. In general, a good ergonomic office chair will provide adjustable lumbar support, arm rests, and seat height. All of these features help support your lower back and encourage good posture.

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You may also want to consider experimenting with alternatives to office chairs, such as a standing desk or yoga ball.

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2. Luggage and/or workbag with wheels

A heavy bag can make your chronic lower back pain worse by placing strain on your muscles and joints. So if you are a frequent flyer, or you drive a lot for work, be mindful of the kind of luggage or workbag you use.

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To help lighten the load, purchase a workbag or luggage with wheels, as this can minimize the time you spend carrying a heavy load. In addition, it is a good idea to pack light and use several small bags instead of one large one.

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Another great idea is to mail your luggage in advance. Trust us, your lower back will thank you for thinking ahead.

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3. A new mattress

It is no secret that an old mattress is bad for your back. In fact, a lack of mattress support can strain your back muscles and lead to incorrect spinal alignment while you sleep.

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A general rule of thumb is that if your mattress is more than 5-7 years old, it may be time to purchase a new one. There is no one kind of mattress that works best for back pain, but many people find that a medium-firm mattress works best. Additionally, you may also benefit from an adjustable bed; as this allows you to sleep in a reclining position.

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These 3 items may not solve all your back-related problems, but if they provide even a little relief they are well worth the price.

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