Exercise ball exercises are extremely effective for individuals looking to strengthen their core muscles and have steadily become one of the most popular and effective exercise routines for accomplishing this. People have even brought these fitness balls into the office to help promote good posture and get a workout while sitting at their desks. This alternative to standard office chairs is becoming more and more commonplace and the people who are using them report having less back pain and a stronger core.

On Thursday, April 16, one of the industries largest exercise ball manufacturers, EB Brands, has voluntarily recalled over 3 million exercise balls that were made in China.

Initial reports claim that EB Brands received several complaints of these exercise balls popping under pressure, although the products specifically say they are burst-resistant on the packaging.

Bally Total Fitness, Everlast, Valeo and Body Fit Fitness Balls, all made by EB Brands, are involved in the recall. I say recall tentatively because EB Brands is not removing these exercise balls from stores nor will they be taking the balls back unless they burst. Regardless, numerous people have gotten substantially injured when such bursts have taken place including women that are pregnant and children to name a few. Injuries have ranged from minor bruises and cuts to serious concussions and even fractures. What's more is people who previously lived and died by their fitness balls are now questioning whether they want to chance getting hurt themselves.

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"I can just imagine being in Pilates class and having the ball explode on you," said Nancy Cowles, who has a fitness ball at home.

That truly is a scary notion and definitely something that shouldn't be taken lightly, especially when these fitness balls are big, bright, and colorful - very tempting for children to jump and play on.

Although millions of exercise balls have been recalled, this does not mean that exercise balls are ineffective in treating lower back pain and in strengthening the core. In fact, many people will argue that there is not a better core workout available than the fitness ball. If you are thinking about trying out a fitness ball to alleviate back pain I recommend you still give it a shot - just make sure you follow the instructions that come with the exercise ball.

Bursting Exercise Balls: Tips for Staying Safe

If you use an exercise ball involved in the recall, read the instructions carefully and contact the company before further use.

For more information, call the EB Brands hotline at (800) 624-5671 or visit their Web site at www.ebbrands.com.

Good luck with your decision and your recovery!

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