Wouldn't it be great to have friends you could contact any time of the day or night to share your challenges and successes with chronic pain?

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Spine-health forums provide people dealing with chronic pain a chance to be a part of a supportive online community. Visit our Spine-health Forums.

As it turns out, you've come to the right place. Your friends on the online forums at Spine-health, and our sister websites Arthritis-health, and Sports-health, are just a few clicks away. Members of these forums are ready to pick you up when you're down, share tips about what's worked for them, and celebrate your victories.

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How the Forums Work

Since our forum members are an international group, there's always someone around. If you're online at 3 a.m., your question about sciatica pain or a running injury may come from half a world away.

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Our forums are organized to help readers quickly find the right place to pose questions or other posts. There are also categories for casual conversation outside of health and medical topics, and the forums are moderated daily.

Our forums give people with chronic pain a place to go to find:

  • Emotional support
  • A place to share their situation and story
  • A place to ask questions about conditions, treatments or for other valuable advice
  • People who have researched similar topics and willingly share their findings and resources

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New members join daily, and many members stay in the community because they are grateful for the help they've received and want to help others.

What to Expect

These are typical conversations:

  • A member has just had an injury or received a diagnosis and wants to hear about others' experiences, including recovery time.
  • A member's doctor has suggested a new treatment, and the member wants to know how the treatment has worked for others.
  • A member is about to have surgery, and is feeling anxious.

No matter what the topic, other members will share what they know and offer support.

We're proud to provide a place for people to find information, support, and sometimes friendship. The forum communities deserves all the praise, however, answering questions and interacting at all hours of the day and night.

We hope you'll dig deep beyond the forums to see everything else Veritas Health has to offer. Our websites—Spine-health.com, Arthritis-health.com, and Sports-health.com—offer trusted, physician-written articles to help answer your questions.

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