We know how difficult it can be to get started on an exercise regimen, especially if you are experiencing back pain, but strong, flexible back muscles are key to having good spine health.

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To make it a little easier to get started, we’ve developed a stretching and exercise guide for you to print out and show to your doctor or physical therapist.

Exercise walking doesn't have to feel like hard work. Just getting your heart pumping a little helps.
Exercise Walking for Better Back Health

With their approval, you can take this print out with you while you are working out and use it as a guide.

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Exercise boosts back health

Exercise increases longevity, improves mental health, promotes overall health, and it is especially helpful for people who suffer from back and neck pain.


When you first experience back or neck pain, you may be tempted to slow down and take it easy, but in fact, this could make your back pain worse. After resting for a day or 2, it’s important to get active again, but in a slow, gradual, and controlled way, with the go-ahead from your doctor.

Getting your heart pumping, even at a slow walk, will help increase circulation, which will help carry much-needed nutrients to the discs, muscles, ligaments, and joints in your back.

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Strengthening the muscles in your core will help give the spine the support it needs, making it less likely to become injured and decreasing the severity of an injury if one does occur.

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Keeping the muscles, joints, and ligaments limber through regular stretching is important, because the spine and all its components are designed to move, and restrictions on their movement can cause or increase pain.

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Because each person's back condition is different, your doctor will help you come up with an exercise plan that is tailored to your spine's unique needs. We hope this exercise guide will help you find a stretching and exercise regime that works for you and helps you on your journey to achieving the best spine health you can!

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