The searing and burning symptoms of sciatica and piriformis syndrome can flare in a lying-down position, making it uncomfortable to fall asleep and difficult to stay asleep through the night.

Here are 3 effective tips that can help calm the lower back and pelvic tissues, relieving the searing nerve pain in the thigh and leg:

  1. Apply heat before bedtime. Use a heat pack for 10 to 20 minutes on the affected side before sleeping to help soothe the muscle and soft tissues, preventing a flare-up of pain at night.
  2. Match your pillow to your sleeping position. Elevate your knees using a pillow if you’re a back sleeper or place a pillow between your legs if you’re a side sleeper. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, but if you’re used to sleeping in this position, place a thin pillow under your pelvis to keep your spine aligned.
  3. Use a medium-firm mattress. Invest in a good-quality, medium-firm mattress for optimal spinal support. Medium-firm mattresses offer the right amount of spinal support without excessive sagging or stiffness and can help reduce lower back pain when used consistently.

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