TLIF Back Surgery Success Rates and Risks

TLIF spinal fusion operation is a salvage procedure. For patients with disabling back pain and leg pain significant benefits can be obtained with a successful spinal fusion.

Success Rates for TLIF Back Surgery

Studies indicate that the patient's pain is improved 60% to 70% after TLIF spinal fusion surgery and approximately 80% of patients undergoing TLIF spinal fusion surgery are satisfied with the surgical result.


Potential Risks and Complications for TLIF Back Surgery

The benefits of TLIF spinal surgery must be weighed against potential complications from the operation. Potential risks and complications include:

Medical complications include pneumonia, heart attack, stroke, or blood clots.

While complications are not common, there is no guarantee that spinal fusion will be completely successful. TLIF usually results in solid bone fusion with good pain improvement. Patients should review additional details with their surgeon so that all questions and concerns are addressed.