How a Physical Therapist Can Help with Exercise

Ten to twenty years ago a person experiencing back pain would most commonly be advised bed rest and immobilization of the back. Research within the past 10 years has shown that inactivity weakens the muscles that support the spine and, if continued too long, can prolong recovery or even make certain conditions worse.


Exercise, on the other hand, increases muscle flexibility and strength and promotes healing by increasing blood flow to the injured site. Healthy muscles provide protection to bones and joints.

While back pain sufferers should always check with their doctor concerning the appropriate approach to treat their condition, many will be referred to a physical therapist. The role of the physical therapist in providing pain relief, rehabilitation and education is often critical to a successful recovery.

Top Three Reasons to See a Physical Therapist

  1. To get relief from pain
  2. To develop an individualized exercise program
  3. To learn proper exercise technique and ways to give muscular protection to bone and joint structure