Hi. I'm Natalie. And today I'm going to show you three yoga poses for sciatica pain relief. Yoga can be great for helping relieve ongoing sciatica flareups because it helps stretch muscles, improve hip and back mobility, and overall improve symptoms.

If you have a condition that causes hypermobility or excessive joint laxity, it'd probably be good to consult with your medical provider before doing this, and make sure that any of these poses or stretches don't give you pain or more symptoms. If you are on sedatives, please consult with your medical provider before beginning this exercise routine. And finally, if any of these poses increase your symptoms or cause new symptoms, please discontinue and consult with your medical provider.

The first pose I'm going to show you guys is a Cobra Pose. This will be performed lying on your belly on the ground, on a mat, or on your bed, wherever you're comfortable. You'll place your hands on either side of your shoulders. And as you exhale, push yourself off the ground trying to maintain your hips and contact with the ground. Hold this position for about 10 seconds.

And then exhale as you come out of the stretch. If that position is too much pressure or too much of a stretch for you, you can modify it by going on your forearms, and holding this position for 10 seconds as well.

The next pose I'm going to show you guys is a Cat-Cow Pose. This will be performed either on your ground, a mat, or on your bed. You'll be on your hands and knees. You're going to Inhale and gauge your lower abdomen and round your back. Hold for about five seconds, and then exhale. And let your belly sink towards the ground. This exercise is great for helping improve the mobility of your lower back and hips.

The final pose I'll show you guys is a Knees-To-Thest Pose. This will be performed on your back. You'll start with your legs straight. Take a big breath in. And on the exhale, pull your knees towards your chest. Pull until you feel a comfortable stretch through your low back or hips. And hold this position for about 30 seconds.

When you're ready to come out of the stretch, take a deep breath in. And then exhale as you lower your legs. To learn more about sciatica, please visit us at Spine Health and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one. Thank you for watching.

Dr. Natalie Ullrich is a physical therapist specializing in orthopedic and sports medicine at Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists. She is passionate about treating each individual as a whole.

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