Let's try these tips to fix posture using good ergonomics to avoid neck and back pain while sitting.

Sit with your head in a neutral position by keeping the ears directly above the shoulders. This better posture reduces neck stress by allowing your head to stay naturally balanced on the cervical spine.

Avoid holding your head at a tilt for an extended period of time. When working at a computer and looking straight ahead, your eyes should be level with the top-third of the monitor.

Keep your feet flat on the floor to minimize stress on your hips and spine. Your knees should be about even with your hips. If your feet can’t comfortably reach the floor, try using a footrest.

Have arms rest comfortably at your sides while flexing your elbows between 75 and 90 degrees. You want your shoulders back yet relaxed, and your wrists straight, not bent. Chairs with armrests can help.

Pick a chair that works for you. It's important for your chair to provide lower back support, be at the right height, and feel comfortable. If something is off and cannot be adjusted, find another chair.

Take a short break once or twice an hour. Even when using correct posture, sitting for long periods of time is not good for the body. Remember to get up and move around.