Hi, I'm Natalie, and today I'm going to share with you several tips to improve your sitting posture using a lumbar roll.

This can be helpful if you're dealing with back pain or if you just have a job where you have to sit all day. You can use either a small sized foam roller, an actual lumbar roll, or you can just roll up a towel in this shape. To do this, sit in your chair and scoot your butt all the way against the back of the chair. Then lean forward. Place the lumbar roll at the small of your back.

Depending on your chair, it might be more comfortable if the lumbar roll is closer to your mid back or even closer to your sacrum. With this here, you should be able to sit up tall without using a lot of effort, and you should be able to do your work without any pain.

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Thank you for watching.

Dr. Natalie Ullrich is a physical therapist specializing in orthopedic and sports medicine at Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists. She is passionate about treating each individual as a whole.

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