Cold therapy is an effective treatment for neck and back muscle strain. This video illustrates how to make several ice packs using common household items.

Video Transcript

How to make five quick and easy ice packs.

  1. Ice pack 1: The rice filled sock. You need dry white rice and a sock. Fill the sock with rice using a funnel and tie the end.
  2. Ice pack 2: A bag of frozen fruit or veggies.
  3. Ice pack 3: A frozen sponge. You need a freezer bag and a sponge. Wet then wring the sponge, then put in a baggie in the freezer.
  4. Ice pack 4: Frozen liquid soap. You need a freezer bag and liquid soap or dishwashing gel. Pour soap into the bag and freeze.
  5. Ice pack 5: Frozen towel. You need a freezer bag and a small towel. Wet then wring the towel and put in the bag and freeze.

Grab your freezer bag of choice, wrap it in a towel and apply it to your injury.