Question: Radicular Pain on the Right Side of the Body?

Is it possible for a C4-C5 cervical disc herniation to cause radicular pain and sciatica on one side of my body? My right side, from below my armpit to my toes, is completely numb with occasional tingling and burning sensations in the calf area.

Everywhere I am reading and asking people, C4-C5 problems contribute to neck pain, shoulder pain and arm pain, which I don't have. But I do have a cervical herniated disc at C4-C5. I am confused as to what to do.

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Doctor’s Response: See a Neurologist

You are right that the typical sort of symptoms one would experience from a cervical disc herniation would be upper arm pain and possibly shoulder weakness, and a C4-C5 herniated disc does not lead to sciatica or radiculopathy in the leg.

You may find it helpful to see a neurologist to have a complete examination and to confirm the diagnosis for your particular symptoms, as they do not fit the pattern of a cervical herniated disc. A cervical disc would not be able to produce numbness on one side of the body. It could produce pain only in an arm and not in a leg. I would recommend seeing a neurologist for an accurate diagnosis of your current symptoms.

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