Question: Exercises for large-breasted women?

I'm having trouble finding specific exercises for preventing back pain caused by breast size. Losing weight won't help with breast size, and I would rather use exercise to handle the problem than breast reduction surgery. Are there any exercises designed specifically for large breasted women?

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Doctor's response: Stretching, exercise balls, and good posture for breast-related back pain

Good question. There are some things that you can do to help with your pain. First is to stretch the latissimus dorsiflexion (the triangular, flat muscle found along the back of the ribs which covers the back of the lumbar region and the lower half of the thoracic region) and pectoralis (the thick, fan-shaped muscle, found along the upper front of the chest, which lies under the breast in the female) muscles.

Second is to do strength training focused on the scapular region (muscles around the shoulder blades). A good place to start would be with a physio ball (also commonly called “swiss”, “stability”, “therapy” or “exercise” ball). While lying on your stomach on the ball, try spinal extensions (bending backwards), hip extensions (lifting a straight leg straight behind you), and raising your arms up in front of you.

Third is to be aware of your posture and utilize good posture guidelines while standing, sitting, working, sleeping, etc.

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