Sarah,* a member of our Spine-health forums community, has graciously agreed to allow to follow her progress in a weekly blog update on our site.

A wife and a mother to two young children, Sarah is currently recovering from a 360 fusion at L4-S1 with bone graft spine surgery.

We are sharing her story on our blog because we hope to expose the realities of the effects of spine surgery not only on the patient, but on the family as well. We hope you will follow her story with us as we peer behind the scenes of a young mother dealing with spine surgery.

We caught up with Sarah on the forums a couple of days before she was to undergo surgery.

Let's start from the beginning.

Sarah suffered from a disc herniation resulting from a weight lifting injury when she was just 28. Physical therapy and bed rest helped her recover, but when she was seven months pregnant with her first child, her pain returned.

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As her pain persisted, Sarah tried several conservative therapies, including physical therapy, over the counter medications, bilateral rhizotomy ablation, and steroid injections. They all helped her barely get by, but in August 2013, she developed numbness in her left leg, as a result of sciatica.

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A new MRI revealed severe herniation, bone spurs, stenosis, and arthritis. She decided to go for spine surgery in December 2013 to "try to get her life back."

Sarah's children are now two and four, and she has two cats. She has a loving and supportive husband who has a career in the IT industry. Sarah works for a global food company.

As any mother of young children with a career outside the home knows, Sarah's family is totally dependent upon her functioning at 110%. One of her biggest concerns about her spine surgery is how they will fare while she is recovering.

Next week, we'll share details of her surgery and hospital stay, and in subsequent weeks, we'll follow Sarah as she recovers from her surgery. We'll focus on her physical health, her emotional health, and how she is managing her young children and all that comes with running a household.

Please follow Sarah's story here on our blog, and feel free to share your own on our forums.

*Sarah's name has been changed to protect her privacy.