Learn more about spinal stenosis by watching the following spinal stenosis videos. These clearly animated videos show step by step how stenosis causes sciatica, back pain and other symptoms, and explain how different treatments work. Get started below to learn more about lumbar stenosis in the lower back and cervical spinal stenosis in the neck.

Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Video

An anterior cervical corpectomy is performed when cervical disease encompasses more than just the disc space which is caused by bone spur growth.

Cervical Spinal Stenosis Video

Understand cervical stenosis and its symptoms, causes and treatment options in this animated and interactive cervical spinal stenosis video.

Interspinous Process Spacers - A New Development in Spinal Stenosis Treatment Video

Interspinious process spacers can be used as an alternative to a laminectomy procedure to treat pain from spinal stenosis.

Video: Is Spinal Stenosis Causing My Leg Pain?

Learn about spinal stenosis symptoms and causes, as well as the various treatment options, such as medications, injections and surgery.

Laminaplasty Neck Surgery Video

Laminaplasty is a procedure that treats cervical spinal stenosis by creating more space for the spinal cord and nerve roots, immediately relieving pressure.

Lumbar Laminectomy Surgery Video

Watch a step-by-step overview on how laminectomy surgery is performed to alleviate pain caused by neural impingement resulting from spinal stenosis.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Video

Learn the causes and symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis from this animated video.

Sciatica Exercises for Spinal Stenosis Video

Learn the correct technique for performing stretches and exercises to increase back strength and relieve sciatica caused by spinal stenosis.

Thoracic Spinal Stenosis Video

Learn more about thoracic stenosis, including its symptoms, causes and treatment options, in this animated and interactive thoracic spinal stenosis video.

Treatment for Spinal Stenosis Video

Learn more about spinal stenosis and how to treat it in this informative video.

X-STOP Interactive Video

From a surgeon’s viewpoint see how X-STOP, a minimally invasive surgical procedure, is designed to relieve symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis.