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Back pain can impact sexual activity. Using positions that are less painful can alleviate tension and improve intimacy.

Cauda equina syndrome demands urgent medical care. If left untreated, it may cause permanent neurological deficits.

The symptoms of cauda equina syndrome are numbness in the groin and legs, and the inability to control bowel or bladder movements.

Any spinal condtion that compresses the cauda equina nerves, such as a tumor, severely herniated disc, or stenosis can cause cauda equina syndrome.

Low back pain causes typically include muscle strain, ligament sprain, disc problems, joint dysfunction, and nerve root irritation.

This article provides an in-depth review of the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options for coccydynia.

Coccydynia symptoms often include pain and tenderness in the bottock area that increases with sitting, reclining on a chair, bowel movements, and/or sexual intercourse.