Osteoporosis is a condition that causes a thinning of the bones. This can result in vertebral compression fractures, deformity (kyphosis) and even death. Osteoporosis and related spine fractures are largely treatable and preventable with  medications, calcium intake, and  Kyphoplasty (Osteoporosis Fracture Treatment) Video or vertebroplasty surgery.


A final, important component of any osteoporosis treatment plan is regular monitoring and follow-up to ensure that the treatment plan is working effectively and make adjustments as necessary. Both follow-up bone density testing and physician checkups are recommended.

Some patients with osteoporosis experience multiple vertebral compression fractures, or successive crush fractures (when the entire vertebra breaks, instead of just the front part). In fact...

Screening for osteoporosis risk factors and diagnosing osteoporosis is advised for women over age 65 and men over 70.

Research has found that after age 50, nearly 5% of men will suffer a spinal fracture caused by osteoporosis.

Medications for osteoporosis seek to slow down the rate of bone loss or increase the rate of bone growth.

Osteoporosis treatment and management includes a strong focus on maintaining a balanced diet, safe and regular exercise, and preventing falls in at-risk patients.


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