Treatments for Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

For patients experiencing back pain during pregnancy, chiropractic may provide effective pain relief with just a few simple treatments. For example:

  • Manipulation or adjustment of the pelvis has provided relief and restored function for 91% of patients studied.1

See Chiropractic Manipulation

To assist the effect of this type of treatment, your chiropractor or medical provider may recommend:

  • Easy stretching exercise routines
  • A pelvic support belt.

Watch: 4 Easy Stretches to Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain Video

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Low Back Pain Relief after Pregnancy

Additionally, the pain usually subsides soon after delivery of the baby. Over the six-week period following delivery, the pelvic ligaments regain their rigidity and are better able to support normal weight bearing and motion during normal daily activities.

Importance of Treating Lower Back Pain

Remember, the good news is that appropriate treatment can help provide significant back pain relief during the pregnancy and, importantly, minimize the chances of having chronic back pain in the lower back after the pregnancy.


  • 1.Daly JM, Frames PS, Rapoze PA: Sacroiliac subluxation: a common, treatable cause of low-back pain in pregnancy. Family Practice Research Journal 11(2): 149-51,1991.