What Is Prolotherapy Treatment for Chronic Back Pain? Slideshow

Posterior view of the SI JoInt labeling posterior sacroiliac ligament
The posterior SI ligament runs along the back of the SI joint. The ligament connects the back of the hip bones (posterior-superior iliac spine and iliac crest) to the sacrum.
Anterior view of the SI JoInt labeling anterior sacroiliac ligament
The anterior SI ligament covers the front of the SI joint, which includes the articular (joint) capsule that encloses the joint in this area.
Anterior view of the SI JoInt labeling the sacroiliac joint
The SI joints connect the sacrum at the base of the spine with the hip bone. These joints also protect the lowest motion segment of the spine, L5-S1, through their limited motion and the very strong ligaments that interconnect with the L5-S1 segment.

Prolotherapy injections for back pain are typically given in the ligaments and joint spaces of the lower back and/or pelvis.