Let’s do a crossover shoulder stretch.

Start by stepping your feet about shoulders width apart. Take the right arm parallel to the floor and cross it over your body, bringing the upper arm into the chest.

Take your left hand to the right elbow, pulling it even further across your body, and stay here for about 20 seconds.

You can do each side three times.

Maintain a slow, steady breath while you’re here. But be careful not to lock up the elbow here; keep a slight bend. Now if you feel any pain or pinching, come out of this right away and consult a physician before trying again.

You can switch sides when you’re ready, taking the left arm parallel to the floor and taking it across your body.

Make sure you don’t lock the elbow here. Keep it soft.

This is a great stretch to promote range of motion in the shoulder.

And that was the crossover shoulder stretch.

Stretching the shoulder can help preserve or increase shoulder range of motion. This video shows how to complete the crossover shoulder stretch.