Let’s do a towel shoulder stretch.

For this, you’ll need a medium-sized towel or an exercise band.

Begin by taking the towel into your right hand and bending your below overhead so that the towel falls behind you. Grab for the bottom of the towel with your left hand.

Pull down gently with your left arm so that you start to feel a stretch in the upper arm and shoulder.

Carefully pull upwards with the right hand until you feel a stretch on the left shoulder.

Let’s switch our arms out.

Take the top of the towel into your left hand and bend your left elbow, grabbing for the bottom of the towel with the right hand.

We’ll hold it here for 20 seconds, pulling down on the right arm so you feel a gentle stretch through the top of the left shoulder.

You might feel this in your tricep.

Try to avoid letting the stretch pull you from side to side; but, stay standing upright.

And then after 20 seconds of stretching the left arm, pull upwards carefully with the left side, and you’ll feel a stretch through the right arm.

If you feel any pain or discomfort while you’re here, come out of this right away. Consult a physician before coming back into it.

If it’s uncomfortable to this while standing, you can do this sitting down as well.

That was the towel shoulder stretch.

This range of motion shoulder stretch is achieved with the help of a towel. This video demonstrates the towel shoulder stretch.